And May the Tide

Audio demonstration

And may the tide
aided now so softly
by Luna’s silver palm
carry you on

And may the wind 
a vast tomorrow
then love your sails
carry you forth

And may the ship 
veiled in aurora’s glow
whistle her goodbye and
carry you away

And may our memory
unravel you of fear and 
make your compass to 
carry you true

And may we be
sailing under shared skies
And may this tender dream
carry us far

And May the Tide is my second collaborative work for chorus with the poet Margaret Siu. I focused on the ocean and tide imagery in my setting of the poem, highlighting the crests and troughs of waves with vocal glissandi. The wide gestures in the piano also represent larger waves, ebbing, flowing, and receding quickly. The piece ends in a far away place to mirror the ending line of the poem “carry us far.”

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