The term “cynology” refers to the study of dogs – a nod to the more famous animal-studying term used as the title for Charlie Parker and Benny Harris’s composition Ornithology. Cynology for jazz ensemble comes out of a period of intense listening to the band Snarky Puppy and their obsession with creating a satisfying groove (sometimes in crazy time signatures). So, I felt a fitting title of the composition would center around the study and emulation of that band. The other title, “signology,” also indicates the piece focuses on uncommon time signatures and unconventional use of common time signatures. The composition features trumpet and piano soloists and is approximately 5’45’’ in duration.

Performance by UT Austin Jazz Ensemble in Spring 2017 under the direction of Ross Margitza.

Instrumentation: 5 saxophones (AATTB), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones (TTTB), guitar, piano, bass, drums



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