Ostinato for Brass Quintet

Ostinato (2015) is the first piece I ever wrote for brass quintet. I wrote it during my junior year of high school, still getting used to all the crazy buttons on my music notation software, Finale. I brought the piece in to a reading session with local musicians from the Dallas area – it didn’t go as well as I hoped. Determined, I returned to the drawing board, revised the piece, and brought it to one of my mentors, Joshua Thompson, and his brass quintet. The piece instantly felt new and fresh, and I felt like it was far more successful. We recorded the piece for my Juilliard undergraduate composition audition. I ended up getting in.

Since then, Ostinato has been played many times by different groups including UT Austin students, elite brass quintet 512 Brass, and even an orchestral premiere by the Austin Symphony Orchestra in 2017.

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