The Face of Venus

The Face of Venus aims to excite the audience’s imagination and shed light on the under-appreciated life and vitality of Earth’s sister planet. The title refers to both the dense atmosphere of the planet and the face of the goddess Venus, a nod to Gustav Holst’s mythological take on the celestial body in The Planets suite for orchestra (1914-16). Inspired by Holst and scientific discoveries of potential Venusian phosphine gas in September 2020, the work explores the possibility of alien life in the clouds of Venus through dense orchestral textures, soaring romantic melodies, and raucous bluesy dances.

I. “The Morning Star”

II. “Atmospheres”

III. “Primordial Blossom”

Standalone Title The Beginner’s Guide to Space Travel (Live reading by the UCLA Philharmonia, 4/26/22)

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