UT Jazz Orchestra 11/16!

I have written a new work for the UT Jazz Orchestra called “Back Four Seconds”! It will be premiered this Friday November 16th at the wonderful Bates Recital Hall at 7:30 PM.

Here’s a little info on the piece:

–Back Four Seconds (2018) is my newest work for big band. I composed it specifically for the UT Jazz Orchestra to show off the talents of these wonderful musicians I have the pleasure of working with. The title of the piece is a nod to Alan Baylock’s big band composition Two Seconds to Midnight, a rockin’ chart with a lot of energy and a constant sense of urgency. After playing it multiple times, I wanted more — I wanted to go “back for seconds.” And so, Back Four Seconds was born. It’s filled with crunchy chords, catchy melodies, and lots of trombone action. What would any Austin Ali composition be if it didn’t feature the trombone section?–

I am so honored to be on stage with these awesome musicians. If you’d like to hear my work plus work by the incredible Ben Zeff, Thomas Wenglinski, Marco Antonio Santos, Jim Buennig, Alan Retamozo, and John Mills(!!) come stop by!

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this possible. Special thanks to Akira Sato, Preston Pierce, Barry Oosterwaal, and Gabriel Evens for helping me get to where I am in jazz composition.

More info/tickets:


Live stream:


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